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We asked Tonbruket a few questions before their performance during the Jazzahead Festival this weekend!

Questions answered by Johan Lindström. Photo by Jenny Baumgartner.

Hi Tonbruket!
Some would call you a rock band even though you have received multiple jazz awards. What are your thoughts about that?

Probably because there is some jazz elements there when it comes to form/improvisation and some chords. But there aint much of the classic jazzphrases going on in our music.Maybe we feel that our music has to have it’s own tonal language.

You guys have been touring Europe quite a lot, where did you get the best response to your music? 

Not a specific place . Almost everywhere we blow people away with our music hahaha! To be serious , countries and cities with political instability can have more hunger for culture . We played in Kiev last year and it was very emotional..

What does “Swedish music export” mean to you? 

Max Martin my old classmate is the face of Swedish music export i guess. Or the whole world music export. Basically, Abba opened it up but we have a very wide variations of bands that plays abroad, from In Flames to Mats Gustafsson to Est to Martin Fröst to Lykke Li and so on, it’s a good vibe to be in.  

What are your expectations on playing in Bremen during Jazzahead?

To have a good time.

Tonbruket plays at the Swedish Sunday Brunch @Kito during Jazzahead this weekend >


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