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Check out the mini interview we made with Water Boogie System who are playing in Bremen during Jazzahead this weekend!


97a26c_b0702d7669db49f8959b7b64d95a73e1Hi Water Boogie System, what’s up?

It’s all good! We are right in the middle of planning and rehearsing for a recording session of our new album!

Please tell us a little about your unique band name, how did you come up with it?

Well, to make a long story short. We travelled around the world for quite some time in the search for our band name. Looking in caves, in the ocean, in bars, on top of mountains. But nothing. So we went back home, started write down words that we liked and all off a sudden, there we had it. Right at the spot where we started.

You have recently started to tour internationally, where is the dream venue to play at?

Oh we have a lot of dream venues! We would love to go to Japan and play, they seem to have very cool venues and a big interest for Scandinavian music. And of course, on jazz scenes around Europe. We had so much fun playing at The Vortex in London in November so we would love to play more in England. The audience there was great! And also on a boat, in the harbour outside of Sydneys opera house. That would be a fun venue to play at!

What are your expectations on playing in Bremen during Jazzahead?

To meet a lot of new people from all over Europe. Bookers, producers, musicians, all kinds of people to begin new collaborations with. Since we are going to release our second album later this year, we would love to get in touch with people who could help us distribute the record internationally. And of course, to hear a lot of good music and to have fun on stage

Water Boogie system plays at the Swedish Sunday Brunch @Kito during Jazzahead this weekend >



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