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Ja Ja Ja Nordic takes the conversation online!

2-3 December 2020
Detta event har redan varit, men du kan ta del av alla panelerna här >>

Join Ja Ja Ja Nordic for 2 days of unmissable talks, panels and networking as we dig into practical and positive updates around Brexit, and export opportunities across the UK, Germany and the Nordics.
It goes without saying that 2020 has not turned out to be the year that we hoped for. The music industry has experienced trying and transformational changes, and the landscape for emerging and exporting artists has changed beyond anything we could’ve predicted or imagined. But amongst the turmoil, new possibilities, platforms and concepts have arisen – and we at Ja Ja Ja invite you to explore these exciting opportunities with us at the first edition of ‘Ja Ja Ja Nordic: WIRED’.
While Ja Ja Ja’s live activities in London and Berlin are on hold for the moment, we’re taking this opportunity to bring cross-sector updates and insights from some of the brightest minds in the UK, German and Nordic music markets. From live streamers to radio hosts, managers to A&Rs, we’ll be offering you tips and guidance as to how to navigate artist export over the coming 12 months – as well as inviting you to network with colleagues, friends and new contacts in tailored meet & greet sessions in the Ja Ja Ja Bar and more.


 Wednesday 2nd December 
All times CET

 Introduction: Get to know the Nordic Neighbours 
 12.00 – 12.15 

Ja Ja Ja project manager Francine Gorman looks into the benefits of intra-Nordic collaboration as well as updating us on NOMEX’s latest projects.

 MEET ‘N GREET: Meet The NOMEX Project Managers 
 12.30 – 12.50 

Get to know NOMEX’s project managers, whose work within the Nordic music sector continues to open doors and opportunities for artists exporting beyond the Nordic borders.

 PANEL: Creative Collaborations in Intra-Nordic Songwriting 
 13.00 – 13.50 

The Nordics have a number of world renowned writers and producers, ranging from the likes of Stargate to Max Martin, all of whom have had huge success on the global stage. In this panel we look further into the ways in which Intra-Nordic writing and production collaboration can strengthen and benefit the wider industry, and the ways in which it can benefit the next generation of writers and producers coming through the ranks.
Atena Banisaid – Sony ATV Sweden
Petter Walther Walthinsen – Warner Chappell Norway
Linda Lundberg – All Good Management/Arctic Rights
Nina Finnerud – Music Norway (Moderator)

 PANEL: Digital Expansion in Restricted Times 
 14.00 – 14.50 

From Bandcamp’s fee-free Fridays and live streams to collaborative songwriting platforms, most of us have had to adapt our work and revenue streams over the past few months – and some really exciting opportunities have been created as a result of these changes. We’re going to be taking a look at some of the digital realm’s most exciting opportunities for artists – not to be missed…
Aly Gillani – Bandcamp
Andrea de Leon – Audio Network
Kwabena Amponsa – Mixcloud
Tim Dunham – 777 Music (Moderator)

 PANEL: Live Streaming 2.0 – The Next Steps 
 15.00 – 15.50 

After an initial surge in online content produced throughout the pandemic, live streaming is beginning to enjoy a resurgence, with multiple companies forming to produce high quality, bespoke content to bridge the gap until live shows are able to return.

Creating new experiences for music fans – and new revenue streams for artists – we’ve got a fantastic discussion lined up, so our panel as we dig into ideas, reactions and plans, as they help us to understand the opportunities that await artists willing to take the plunge into live streaming.
Claire Mas – DRIIFT
Anna Ásthildur Thorsteinsson – Iceland Airwaves / Live From Reykjavik
Peter Björklund – Live Nation & Luger
Russ Tannen – DICE (Moderator)

 16.00 – 17.00 

Join us in the Ja Ja Ja (virtual) Bar to round up the day, to meet current and future colleagues, and to catch up on the latest gossip from the Nordics.

 Thursday 3rd December
All times CET

 BREXIT KEYNOTE: Tom Kiehl – Deputy CEO & Director of Public Affairs, UK Music 
 12.00 – 12.40 

The post-Brexit rules are by no means finalised, but any artist and team wanting to travel to and work with the UK from 2021 onwards needs to start planning for the future.

We’ll be joined by UK Music’s Tom Kiehl to share a Keynote of considerations for artists travelling to the UK from next year onwards – so if you’re an artist, manager, agent, booker, tour manager, then make sure to join us for this essential info.

 BREXIT Q&A Sessions 
 12.40 – 13.20 

Following Tom’s Keynote presentation, we’ll be heading to the conference’s Q&A rooms to dig into the details around post-Brexit travelling.

Space in each room is very limited, so please email Francine Gorman ( ahead of the sessions to request a place in one of the rooms.

For those unable to join the discussions, please send any questions you’d like answered to Francine Gorman ( who will ask them on your behalf.
Both sessions will be recorded, and will be streamed via the Ja Ja Ja Nordic: WIRED platform at 16.30 CET on Thursday – to make sure that you don’t miss out on any vital information.


Rock-It Cargo will be answering questions about carnets, transportation, merch and more as part of our Brexit Sessions. Tour managers, agents, bookers – listen up!

 BREXIT Q&A SESSIONS: Visas (40 mins) 

What kind of paperwork will musicians need to tour the UK post-2021? Get the latest updates from On The Move, who’ll deliver the advice on boxes to tick before you embark on your journey.

 KEYNOTE: The UK Music Market 
 13.30 – 14.00 

Get to know the ins and outs of the UK Market with CMU‘s Chris Cooke. There are hugely exciting opportunities for Nordic artists in the UK, so join us as Chris presents an overview of the market’s various sectors, and shares opportunities awaiting Nordic artists ready to start working with the territory.

 PANEL: The UK’s New Media Landscape 
 14.00 – 14.50 

Our panel of experts share insights into the UK’s new media landscape and the latest digital opportunities available to Nordic artists. Where are tastemakers and the industry finding new music to work with? Where should you be targeting your efforts in order to be seen and heard in the UK?
Elspeth Merry – Inside/Out PR
Jay Cox – On A Plate
Charlotte Gunn – The Forty-Five
Phil Taggart – BBC Radio / Slacker (Moderator)

 KEYNOTE: Germany’s Music Market 
 15.00 – 15.30 

A thriving market for new Nordic talent, we’ll bring you the information you need to equip yourselves to meet and greet the German music market in 2021’s new, adapted climate.

Apocalyptica manager and Odyssey Music Network founder Ulysses Hüppauffwill present a Keynote of key market information for artists preparing to approach Germany.

 PANEL: Germany’s New Media Landscape 
 15.30 – 16.30 

Following on from our Keynote talk, we’ve invited a panel of experts – including journalists, PRs and A&Rs – to join us, to make sure you know about the newest opportunities in one of Europe’s key music markets, and how artists can access Germany’s plentiful opportunities.
Karen Norbakk – Sony Music / Columbia
Silvia Silko – ZEIT Online, Musikexpress,
Anton Teichmann – Mansions and Millions
Anna Dungal – Better Things (Moderator)

 16.30 – 18.00 
BREXIT Q&A SESSION STREAMS: Head to the Main Stage to watch streams of the Carnet and Visa Q&A  sessions from earlier in the day.

 16.30 – 18.00 

 Join us in the Ja Ja Ja (virtual) Bar as we close the first edition of Ja Ja Ja Nordic: WIRED. Catch up with friends and colleagues that you haven’t been able to bump into this year, meet new people, mingle with the NOMEX team, and catch up on the latest gossip from the Nordics!

The new rules are by no means finalised, but any artist and team wanting to travel to and work with the UK from 2021 onwards needs to start planning for the future. We’ll be joined by UK Music’s Tom Kiehl to share a Keynote of considerations for artists travelling to the UK from next year onwards.

Visas? Carnets? Meetings? Find out what you need to know in tailored Q&A sessions with Rock-It Cargo and more to answer your burning questions, and to be as prepared as possible to work with the UK from 2021 onwards.


Ja Ja Ja has been bringing emerging Nordic music to London’s industry and tastemakers for over 10 years, expanding its activities to Berlin in 2014. Across our London and Berlin shows, we’ve played host to more than 300 new artists, including Aurora, , Palace Winter, Astrid S, Silvana Imam, Janice, Vök, JFDR, The Holy,  Jaakko Eino Kalevi, and many many more (find our previous line ups here).
Acting as a bridge between the Nordics and the UK / German markets, Ja Ja Ja produces high quality shows at prime export moments for artists – working closely with their team to provide contacts, support and guidance as they navigate the new market. 
As well as linking the Nordic and international music industries, Ja Ja Ja produces a website and curated playlist selection to aid both the industry and the public in discovering and supporting new Nordic music. Keep up with the latest releases on our website and via our Spotify playlists.
Ja Ja Ja is an initiative produced by the Nordic Music Export (NOMEX) – a Nordic network comprising Export Music Sweden, Iceland Music, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland and Music Norway.
For further info, please contact Ja Ja Ja Project Manager Francine Gorman.


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