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Looked upon as one, the Nordics are the world’s 6th largest market for recorded music and with a rapidly growing industry, the talent coming out of the region seems to be endless. Even several years after the first major international success, artists, writers and producers from the Nordic countries are continuing to dominate charts worldwide.

In Morning Coffee with the Nordics we go behind the scenes of some of these recent successes as well as speaking to innovating music companies expanding in the region and discuss intra-Nordic collaborations with artists and labels.
Thursday 12th November, (9am GTM, 10am CET, 11am EEST)
Detta event har redan varit, men du kan se hela inspelningen på YouTube.

The Bank
Danish company ‘The Bank‘ is structured in a Nordic fashion with offices in both Sweden and Finland. Focusing on a wide range of music business initiatives, The Bank encompasses both Publishing, Label, Management and even run their own recording studios. They work closely with both domestic & international acts, with a roster of over 30 artists including; SAVEUS, Alphabeat, Malou Prytz, Andreas Mattson, Elsa Levahn & more.
In this panel we speak to CEO Jakob Sørensen who will guide us through the company office & we will take a deep dive into how they are planning to build their artists and their company in 2021.
Introduction by MXD – Music Export Denmark Director, Thomas Rohde
Jakob Sørensen / CEO of The Bank


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