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NOMEX is strengthening its work within the Nordic Region with a new board and chair.

The pan-Nordic export collaboration NOMEX (Nordic Music Export Programme) has constituted itself with a new board and a new chair. Eline Sigfusson has been appointed new chair of NOMEX, and Tone Østerdal from Music Norway and Mikko Manninen from Music Finland are as new CEO’s entering the board of NOMEX. By this, NOMEX wishes to develop the good synergies and opportunities for interaction that exist in the Nordic countries and be a strategic partner in the Nordic co-operation.

For 11 years, NOMEX has worked to connect and empower the Nordic music industry by building strong NOMEX brands such as Jajaja, Top-20-under-30, and Nordic Trade Missions mainly out of the Nordic Region. Now, the music export offices will work to strengthening co-operation and build a stronger Nordic market. Furthermore, the export collaboration wishes to take steps towards being a partner in developing Nordic export strategies within the framework of global agendas.

The new chair, Eline Sigfusson has a long background in Nordic Cultural Policy and the Nordic music sector. As former deputy director of the Nordic Culture Fund and former CEO of the think tank Anordic (2021-2023), she has worked with cultural policy and institutions in all the Nordic Countries, and developed funding strategies, communities as well as initiatives for the Nordic live music sector.

“As chair of NOMEX I’m proud to continue the work breaking down borders between the domestic music markets in the Nordic region”, Sigfusson says. “I think NOMEX can play an important role in developing new export strategies and methodologies for the music sector. We need to enhance a sustainable trade policy in culture in a manner that supports the long-term domestic and global goals of economic growth, environmental protection, and strengthening the social capital. I hope we will over the next years build new partnerships to work for these ambitions.”

With two new CEOs entering the board of NOMEX, the collaboration also expands its expertise in national cultural policy and collaboration with the Baltic Region. Tone Østerdal has 20 years of experience in the arts and culture field, and she has worked for 15 years in county municipal administration in the field of culture. Mikko Manninen comes from a position at Warner Music Finland, where he has been the general manager for the Baltics and senior director of operations in Finland.

Sigtryggur Baldurson, Managing Director of Iceland Music, says: “Since it´s foundation 11 years ago, Nomex has proved to be a very valuable assett to the pan nordic music scene and been able to adapt it´s focus to the changing tides in the industry. Now we are starting a new chapter, with renewed energy.”


NOMEX is a pan-Nordic platform founded in 2012 owned by the five music export offices in the Nordic region; Music Norway, Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland and Iceland Music. The NOMEX initiative is set up to facilitate growth and development in the Nordic music sector through media development, transnational promotion and support services for artists. Through projects spanning in the Nordic region and beyond, NOMEX embraces the essential and added value of Nordic collaboration as a rising force within the international music industry.

The NOMEX board consists of the directors of all five music export offices plus an external chair:

Chair: Eline Sigfusson – Independent Strategic Consultant
Jesper Torsson – CEO, ExMS – Export Music Sweden
Tone Østerdal – Executive Director, Music Norway 
Thomas Rohde – CEO, MXD -Music Export Denmark
Mikko Manninen – Executive Director, Music Finland 
Sigtryggur Baldursson – Managing Director Iceland Music 


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