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PANEL: Creative Collaborations in Intra-Nordic Songwriting
 The benefits from Intra-Nordic writing and production collaborations, and COVID-19’s impact on songwriting processes and how to create alternative formats.
Nina Finnerud (Music Norway), Atena Banisaid (Sony ATV Sweden), Petter Walther Walthinsen (Warner Chappell Norway) & Linda Lundberg (All Good Management / Arctic Rights).
PANEL: Digital Expansion in Restricted Times
About: The digital realm’s opportunities for artists.
Speakers: Tim Dunham (777 Music), Andrea de Leon (Audio Network / For Nothing), Kwabena Amponsa (Mixcloud) & Aly Gillani (Bandcamp).
PANEL: Live Streaming 2.0 – The Next Steps
About: Live streaming, new revenue streams for artists, as well as discussions on the opportunities that might await artists in live streaming.
Speakers: Russ Tannen (DICE), Claire Mas (Driift), Peter Björklund (Live Nation / Luger) & Anna Asthildur Thorsteinsson (Iceland Airwaves / Live From Reykjavík).
About: Deputy CEO & Director of Public Affairs, UK Music shares a Keynote of considerations for artists traveling to the UK from next year onwards.
Speaker: Tom Kiehl (UK Music).
About: Details around post-Brexit traveling (carnets, transportation, merch)
Speaker: Rock-It Cargo
About: Traveling rules when entering the UK from 2021 onwards.
Speaker: Gemma Tracey (Latitude Law)
KEYNOTE: The UK Music Market 
About: The opportunities awaiting Nordic artists ready to work with the UK music market.
Speakers: Chris Cooke (CMU)
PANEL: The UK’s New Media Landscape 
About: UK’s new media landscape and latest digital opportunities for Nordic artists.
Speakers: Philip Taggart (BBC Radio / Slacker), Elspeth Merry (Inside/Out), Jay Cox (On A Plate) & Charlotte Gunn (The Forty-Five).
KEYNOTE: Germany’s Music Market 
About: Information on the German music market in 2021’s new, adapted climate.
Speakers: Ulysses Hüppauff (Odyssey Music Network)
PANEL: Germany’s New Media Landscape 
About: The Nordic artists’ opportunities with the German music market and how to access them
Speakers: Anna Dungal (Better Things), Anton Teichmann (Mansions and Millions), Silvia Silko (Editor / Journalist) & Karen Norbakk (Sony Music Germany / Columbia).
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