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PANEL: Get To Know The Sync Scene in Germany
We dig into the German sync landscape with key figures from the industry to find out more about the distinctive German scene, and how Nordic artists can access and benefit from such opportunities in Germany.
Goran Obad – Ohlogy (Moderator), Uli Kleppi – Cookies For All (DE), Silvia Grassi – City Slang (DE), Pia Hoffmann – Music Supervision (DE).
PANEL: Digital Expansion in Restricted Times
About: The digital realm’s opportunities for artists.
Speakers: Tim Dunham (777 Music), Andrea de Leon (Audio Network / For Nothing), Kwabena Amponsa (Mixcloud) & Aly Gillani (Bandcamp).
PANEL: Alternative Routes in German Marketing
About: Beyond the formats of printed press and websites, there are abundant possibilities for Nordic artists to make waves in Germany. Join us as we explore the next steps in accessing the German music scene and industry, looking at new platforms, new marketing methods and new opportunities.
Speakers: Melanie Gollin – MADE Records (DE) (Moderator), Lindi Delight – De Light Management (DE), Rachael Patterson – K7 Music (DE), Steffi von Kannemann – Better Things (PR – DE)
Q&A : Brexit – The Latest
About: As touring remains disrupted due to COVID travel restrictions, the full effect of Brexit upon touring musicians is yet to be felt. Joining us is Dave Webster from Musicians’ Union who’ll prepare us for what’s to come by offering the latest travel advice, import and export information, and updating us on carnets, CITIES, and other considerations that need to be thought through before crossing the border into the UK.
Speakers: Dave Webster – Musicians’ Union (UK), Francine Gorman – Ja Ja Ja (UK)
PANEL: Stage Call The Return To Live
About: As we edge towards a second summer of disrupted events, we bring in experts from the Nordics and the UK to discuss the latest developments in returning to live events. What’s the status, what are the options, what are the new rules?
Speakers: Francine Gorman – Ja Ja Ja (UK) (Moderator), Lauren Down – End of the Road Festival (UK), Esben Marcher – Dansk Live (DK), Nadja Bozic – Ekipa Agency (DE)
KEYNOTE: Live Streaming Licensing Masterclass
About: To kick off our ‘digital’ section of the afternoon, we examine the revenue streams that online content currently offers to artists – and how to register, access, and benefit from them.

We’ll be looking into the debate around how to license live streams – including the difference between free and ticketed online events. And we’ll take a look at the future, by digging into the monetisation tools being developed by the likes of Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch in regards to live streaming.
Speaker: Chris Cooke – Founder & Managing Director, CMU

PANEL: Live Streaming: The Next Steps
About: The pandemic-era has seen enormous growth in the area of live streaming and the production of bespoke online content. As the world looks towards opening up again and getting artists back on stages, we look into the future possibilities of live streaming and ways in which it can expand audiences – for music businesses, as well as for artists themselves.
Speakers: Will Larnach-Jones – Iceland Airwaves (UK/IS) (Moderator), Soffia Kristin Jonsdottir – Iceland Sync (IS), Yunus Daar – Nora Collective (NO), Erik Ohlsson – Jubel / Låt Live Leva (SE)
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