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See their answers to the question “What do you think about when I say Swedish music export?”


Silvana-Imam_Storm-Turne_Elisabeth-Ohlson-Wallin1-500x333Hi Silvana! Whats going on? 

Preparing for my performance at the Swedish Grammy’s where I’m premiering my first single from my album Naturkraft. It’s hectic and shit but i love it.

(ExMS note: Silvana won Artist Of The Year and was nominated for Best HipHop/Soul)

Your new album ‘Naturkraft’ is being released March 25th, will the audience in Austin get to hear the new stuff?

Some of it! I think Austin needs to hear my my two EP’s first. But yeah, I mean i got joints on Naturkraft that you definitely need to hear.

You won the Gold Mic award at the Swedish P3 Gold for best live performer, what makes you so god damn good on stage?

I pour my heart out every time I’m on s stage. I just feel myself, the audience and the moment. I’m like ‘damn people go to my shows, pay to see me so imma make it trippy for them’. They deserve it. Also i have to keep myself motivated and being on stage does that.

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Swedish music export”? 


What are your expectations on playing at sxsw?

I’m excited!!! Never been to sxsw or Austin so i have none expectations. From what i’ve heard It’s one of the dopest festivals in the states.


press_vulkano_spaceHi Vulkano! Have you been to SXSW before?

Hi! No we’re virgins.

Tell us a little about your new stuff, it sounds great!

With the new album Iridescence we took a step away from the classic band constellation and started experimenting more with analog synths and electronic sounds. Lyrically we’re inspired by movies and the whole album is quite cinematic. Iridescence will defiantly take you on a trip you haven’t been before. We gonna play some even newer stuff too. Our live set is full on female supernatural power.

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Swedish music export? 

We think about all great music composers and artists from Sweden.

What are your expectations on playing at the festival?

We expect so much fun. We want the houses to be full and the people to cry, laugh, cry again, laugh again, loose themselves, dance their weirdest moves that they didn’t even knew they could do. We also want to meet cool people to work with.


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