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Virtual Trade Mission Los Angeles – öppna webinarier!

Tillsammans med NOMEX – Nordic Music Export, samarbetet mellan de fem nordiska exportkontoren, anordnar vi en virtuell nordisk handelsdelegation, Trade Mission, mot Los Angeles. Läs mer >>

Nedan har vi samlat de webinarier som är öppna för vem som helst att delta i. Registrering krävs.

Speaking American’ – panel

Monday 9th November

8am-9:30am PST, 17.00-18:30 CET

The American culture might seem very familiar to many Nordic music professionals, however if you are aiming toward or working in the U.S market, there are some things you should know about the American business culture. Differences in cultural sensitivities, current affairs and communication styles are often nuanced, and In this panel Tim Husom (Redbird Music), Nicky Stein (Clintons), Maria Gonzales (Yard Noise) & Ben Maddahi (A&R at Columbia Records / President of Unrestricted) discuss their experience of working in the US, and provide vital career building advice, during challenging times due to COVID-19 and political turbulence.


Visa info for the United States

Tuesday 10th November

9am-10.30 EST, 15.00-16:30 CET

Two U.S. immigration law specialists will present the most recent information on artist visas for the United States: the most recent changes in arts/entertainment visas, what you should know when you apply and the current process. What does it take to travel for work to the United States right now and when can we expect travel to be normalised? The session will cover both O & P visas for artists, entertainers and those in creative fields.

Speakers: Matthew Covey and Amanda Gupta from Covey Law.


Licensing in the United States

Tuesday 10th November

9am-10.30 PST, 18.00-19:30 CET

Sindee Levin, an experienced entertainment lawyer and music publishing administrator, will present the essentials of licensing in the United States, focusing on sync and score music. The session will include all the basics you need to know about synch licensing business, contracts and collecting the income. Sindee will also shed light on the recent developments in U.S. copyright law.


Förra årets delegation från Norden fick möta personer från 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, ASCAP, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Viacom, Atlantic Records, RCA Records och Netflix på plats i Los Angeles (2019).


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